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Meet The Team


Nickson Phillip
Business Manager

From CASA to Secondary, Mr. Nickson is favoured by all the students and has already made a positive impact in many ways. With many years of experience in tourism and hospitality management, his customer service skills are second to none. Mr. Nickson  manages the school office, and co-ordinate the day-to-day logistics of the school’s operation. He is the main point of contact for all phone calls, WhatsApp and email correspondence. Billing and payments, enrollment enquiries, shopping and provisioning, school lunches and field trips organization all fall under his remit. It is safe to say there is never a dull moment in Mr. Nickson day!


Ruth Collymore
Head of School

Ms. Ruth continues in her pivotal role as Headteacher - Head of Education and Child Development. She is responsible for overseeing the teaching teams to ensure that the educational needs and goals of each student are being met. With 20 years of experience in education, and two lovely children of her own, Ms. Ruth's positive, professional and compassionate nature allows her to build strong relationships with her students, staff and school community. As a seasoned teacher, Ms. Ruth sees school-wide curriculum development and enrichment as a top priority, particularly with regard to the Cambridge International Secondary School Program. Ms. Ruth holds a Masters in Montessori Education, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Music, and is in her 11th year at Island Montessori. 


Arianna Duncan
Administrative Coordinator

Ms Arianna is a name many families may be familiar with, as it is the friendly smiley face-signatured name at the end of many of the school's emails! 

Ms. Ari's role in the school has evolved over the years, but she still continues to help everyone throughout the school. Her empathic nature makes her a wonderful counsellor / mediator to many of our students - she supports children that may face academic or emotional challenges. Ari's detail oriented character also makes her an invaluable member of the administration. In addition to furthering her English degree, Ms. Arianna spends time outside of school in hobbies she describes as those of a classic "grandma" - reading, crocheting and cuddling with cats!


Dionne Harris-David
CASA director in training

Ms. Dionne continues her role as an assistant teacher in the Casa program. Her warm and caring attitude towards the children means that she is well suited to this age and stage. With all the qualities and attributes to become a great teacher, Ms. Dionne is thoroughly enjoying the CASA Early Childhood Montessori training course. It is wonderful to see her inspire the children and work as such a pivotal role in the classroom. 


Ms. Dionne's hobbies include a second profession (Glazed for Days) making cupcakes and 'real' donuts! 


Annette George
CASA lead teacher

Coming soon...


Heidi Paola
CASA Assistant, Spanish teacher
and Kunfu guide!

Coming soon...


Arhysa Noel 
Lower Elementary Assistant

Ms. Arhysa is our experienced assistant teacher in the Lower Elementary classroom. Having previously worked in our CASA environment, she plays a pivotal role in assisting children who transition from one environment to the next . Ms. Arhysa also holds a Masters degree in Public health (with a concentration in epidemiology) as well as a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She loves working with the children, having the opportunity to watch them grow and to help them excel in all aspects of their lives. She also has a passion for reading and baking.


Maxine Julien 
Lower Elementary Lead

Ms. Maxine continues to lead the Lower Elementary program and is in her 8th year at Island Montessori. Over the years, Ms. Maxine has blossomed from a trainee elementary assistant to a fully qualified Montessori Teacher, and we could not be more proud of her achievements. Her unwavering dedication to the children and her classroom is truly inspiring. Every year she creates new lessons with unique follow-up activities, ensuring the 3 year cycle of the classroom is kept alive and engaging.  In addition to this, Ms. Maxine is a dab hand with crafts and her popular arts and crafts after school activity is always full. 


Neica Evans
Lower Elementary Assistant

Ms. Necia is our new lower elementary assistant teacher. She has previously worked as a preschool teacher in Trinidad. She holds a Stage 2: Montessori Theory and Methodology Certificate in Early Childhood  (Montessori Centre International) as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  As a mother of two children with very different personalities, she believes that every child is a unique learner as there are many different learning styles and intelligences.  Ms. Necia considers herself a life-long learner and is, therefore, always reading. She also enjoys gardening and spending time with family.


Tiffany McRae
Upper Elementary and Spanish teacher

Ms. Tiffany is our fabulous Co-teacher in the Upper Elementary classroom. She also heads up the IGCSE Spanish for our Upper Secondary students.  As a Guyanese with Grenadian roots, Ms. Tiffany enjoys nature and the inspirations it brings, traveling, ballet and being of service to others on a community level. Her diverse educational background includes an Advanced diploma in Spanish and International Business, and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Ms. Tiffany’s 9 years of experience working along with children of various age groups makes her the a wonderful addition to the team assting students to develop holistically.


Kennita Henry
Upper Elementary and French teacher

Ms. Kennita (Ms. K) is the Lead Upper Elementary teacher delivering the Mathematics, Science and English curriculum alongside her co-teacher Ms. Tiffany. She is also the Upper Secondary French teacher. Ms. K embraces an holistic approach to teaching and learning and very much enjoys being in the classroom. She's been a part of the IMS family since 2020 however, has been an educator since 2014 and has taught at the secondary level in both Grenada and Martinique.


Ms.K holds a bachelor's degree in French with a minor in International Relations as well as an Associate's degree in Modern Languages (English and French). Ms. K is TESOL certified and holds various other certifications in teaching French and English as second languages. 
In her free time, she finds joy in being in nature and travelling. She also enjoys graphic design, art, poetry writing and weight lifting. Ms. K believes that maintaining a balance between physical and mental activities is important to leading a healthy life.


Zia Fredrick
French Teacher

Coming soon...


Lower Secondary English

Ms. Kellie is new to our secondary team. She is responsible for Lower Secondary English and Group 1 HFLE.

Ms.  Kellie's gentle, calm disposition makes a perfect fit for the environment we encourage in our classrooms. Whilst Ms. Kellie was born in London, UK, she has spent the majority of her upbringing in Grenada and the even smaller island of Carriacou. Ms. Kellie has a Secondary Teaching Diploma in English Literature and language (with a minor in business). She also has an Associates degree in general studies.  Her hobbies include art and crafts and reading. 


Simon Lee
Upper Secondary English

BA and MA University of Oxford in English Lang & Lit

Over 30 years secondary and tertiary teaching experience in UK, Trinidad and Grenada.
Mr. Simon helped launch Montessori secondary programme 2019, developing curriculum and teaching humanities.
He is now preparing Group 4 students for Cambridge IGCSE Eng Language Eng Litertature and History.

In addition to this, Mr. Simon is a veteran journalist, media consultant, writer, editor and most recently completed history of the Grenada Co-operative Bank.
As if that wasn't enough, he is also aCaribbean music specialist, Caribbean Arts & Culture analyst and consultant. Simon is a devout humorist, aspiring horticulturist, football freak and long suffering Windies cricket supporter.  



As an ardent advocate of music education, Ms. Rose-Ellen desires that all students be exposed to good music, given the tools to explore their own musicality and develop a lifelong passion for music. Ms. Rose teaches upper elementary and secondary music classes. She also teaches piano privately. Her faith is her main source of musical inspiration. She holds a Master's of Education, a Bachelor's of art in Music, and a Bachelor's of science in Biology.  


Hose Stanisclaus
History, Global perspectives
and social studies

Mr. Hosea teaches History, Social Studies and Global perspectives to our Upper Elementary and Lower Secondary Students. Mr. Hosea has a Psychology background (B.SC.), has worked in a home for boys and has been president of the University's Humanities and Social Sciences Association. Along with his experience in working with the blind, and part time at a preschool,  Mr. Hosea’s sporting passion has helped him foster strong bonds with many of our students. His love of learning and calm disposition make him a great role model  - particularly for our adolescent boys. He is a wonderful addition to the IMS teaching team.


Aisha Mitchell
Geography and Environmental science

With her helpful initiative and hands on attitude, Ms. Aisha continues her role as our secondary humanities and environmental science teacher. Ms. Aisha has a Masters of Science in Environmental Education as well as a Bachelors in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Social Science and Art. In addition to this, Aisha has a wealth of experience working with special needs students. Her passion for all things moving, working on the farm and non traditional approach to learning makes Aisha a fabulous fit for delivering an holistic curriculum.

Ms. Aisha's  hobbies include traveling, camping, hiking and exploring, field research and crafting  (jewelry making, stain and fused glass making.) In her down time she also enjoys board games and time with her puppies.


Timothy Williams
Drama, P.E. and Add. Support

Mr Tim's role at IMS has grown during his tenure and he is now a multi faceted member of our teaching team! Mr Tim has a background in Drama and theatre studies in the UK, and he brings his passion for all things performance related into primary and secondary school. He will also continue his role teaching PE to the Primary school as well as to our IGCSE secondary school pupils. At all other times, Mr. Tim's patient and level headed nature makes him a great aid to children with additional learning needs. 


Shaunykah Baptiste
Lower Secondary Science

Ms. Shaunyka joined our teaching team last year, and continues to teach Lower Secondary Science this year. Having been through the Cambridge curriculum (A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths) she is a great fit for Island Montessori’s secondary school. Ms. Shaunyka has been a Science and mathematics teacher for 5 years and currently holds an Associate's Degree in Natural Sciences and is in the process of completing her Bachelors in Biology. She enjoys everything science related and is passionate about delivering lessons to suit the students' individual learning styles. Ms. Shaunyka believes that by giving children the right tools they will succeed in life. In her spare time she enjoys reading, sewing and diy projects. She also heads up our popular chess club after school.


Dinielle White
Math & Sciences Co-ordinator

Overseeing our secondary school science & math department, Ms. Dinielle has proven to be a lovely addition to our Montessori family. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology and has a Masters in Science (Majoring in Bacteriology.) She has assisted teaching science at SGU, as well as worked in their chemistry laboratory. Ms. Dinielle strives to instill enthusiasm for all things science, while providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for all students. Outside of school, Ms. Dinielle enjoys camping, exploring and all things adventure.


Kanell St.Clair 
Lower Secondary Maths

Ms. Kanell currently spear heads the Math classes at the Lower Secondary level as well as teaching Science to group Group 3. In addition to this Ms. Kanell teaches Business to the Upper Secondary. With her passion for numbers and anything science-related, she also leads the after-school science/stem club.Ms. Kanell is pursuing a Master's degree in Microbiology and already holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and an Associate's degree in General Studies (which includes Chemistry and Accounting.)  Ms. Kanell has aided students at SGU who needed additional assistance in both Chemistry and Math. She is also a math tutor. Ms. Kanell considers herself to be someone who makes friends easily and who is eager for knowledge. She is passionate about sharing this love of learning to the students and is always exploring new and innovative ways to learn new things. In her leisure time, she can be found reading a romance or crime novel, hashing and playing table tennis.

Mark Scott is the founder and owner of Island Montessori. He and his family first moved to Grenada in 2007. Mr. Mark’s two older children had previously attended a Montessori school in the US, and were later home schooled by a Montessori teacher while living in the Bahamas. The family was heartbroken to discover that there was not a Montessori school available in Grenada, and thus decided to establish the Island Montessori school. After over a decade as a primary school, Mr. Mark is very happy to see Island Montessori’s continued growth with the recent addition of our secondary school that allows us to share the Montessori philosophy with even more children around the island.


Evrol Murray

Mr. Evrol is our friendly groundsman, working throughout the early hours of the morning to ensure the school yard is clear, trimmed and recess-ready. While we don't see him very often, his hard work and dedication is apparent in the clean, green and serene environment we enjoy everyday. In his free time, Evrol enjoys cricket. Thank you for all you do, Mr. Evrol!

IMG_1290 copy-2.jpg

Mark Scott
School Founder


Gissel Jaldoo
Janitor and lunch lady

Gisselle is Certified jeriatric carer and whilst her training is with elderly people, she has also worked on Disney cruise ships. Currently, Ms. Gisselle is our school caretaker and lunch aided, and her interactions with the students demonstrate a 'mother figure' to all. She is proactive and anticipates tasks that need to be done. Her cleaning and organisation skills are a breath of fresh air, and she is a support to everyone.  Giselle's pastimes include hair care and makeup. She also enjoys relaxing by cool rivers - her favourite is in Snell Hall. St. Patricks. 

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