Meet The Team

The Island Montessori School takes the team's and children's health very seriously. Safety is our top priority! We have strict COVID-19 protocol measures in place, including ALL of our staff being FULLY VACCINATED.


Ms. Ruth Collymore
Head of School

This year sees Ms. Ruth return to her pivotal role as Headteacher - Head of Education and Child Development. She is responsible for overseeing the teaching teams to ensure that the educational needs and goals of each student are being met. With 20 years of experience in education, and two lovely children of her own, Ms. Ruth's positive, professional and compassionate nature allows her to build strong relationships with her students, staff and school community. As a seasoned teacher, Ms. Ruth sees school-wide curriculum development and enrichment as a top priority, particularly with regard to the Cambridge International Secondary School Program. Ms. Ruth holds a Masters in Montessori Education, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Music, and is in her 10th year at Island Montessori. Happy tenth year, Ms. Ruth! 


Mr. Nickson Phillip
Operations Manager

Mr. Nickson has only been with Island Montessori for a relatively short period, but has already made a positive impact in many ways. With many years of experience in tourism and hospitality management, his customer service skills are second to none. Mr. Nickson will continue to manage the school office, and co-ordinate the day-to day logistics of the school’s operation. He will be the main point of contact for all phone, WhatsApp and email correspondence. Billing and payments, enrollment enquiries, shopping and provisioning, school lunches and field trips will all fall under his remit. It will be a busy year for him indeed!

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Mark Scott
School Founder

Mark Scott is the founder and owner of Island Montessori. He and his family first moved to Grenada in 2007. Mr. Mark’s two older children had previously attended a Montessori school in the US, and were later home schooled by a Montessori teacher while living in the Bahamas. The family was heartbroken to discover that there was not a Montessori school available in Grenada, and thus decided to establish the Island Montessori school. After over a decade as a primary school, Mr. Mark is very happy to see Island Montessori’s continued growth with the recent addition of our secondary school that allows us to share the Montessori philosophy with even more children around the island.


Ms Maxine Julien 
Lower Elementary Montessori Lead Teacher

Ms. Maxine will continue to lead the Lower Elementary program for her second year in this role and 7th year at Island Montessori. Over the years, she has grown from a trainee elementary assistant to a fully qualified Montessori Teacher, and we could not be more proud of her achievements. Her unwavering dedication to the children and her classroom is truly inspiring, and we look forward to the exciting plans she has for this new school year. 


Mr. Stacey Tomasello
Casa Montessori Lead Teacher

This year we are so pleased to welcome Mr. Stacey, who has moved to Grenada from San Diego California with his family to head up our Casa Dei Bambini Program. Mr. Stacey’s experience and passion for teaching is inspiring; we are sure you will agree that he is an excellent addition to our teaching team. He will be responsible for all aspects of teaching as well as classroom and staff management within the Casa Program. He will also be mentoring his classroom assistants who will be preparing to begin their Montessori Teacher Training next year. 

Mr. Stacey holds a Primary Montessori Teaching Qualification from the International Association of Progressive Montessori. In addition to this, he has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Certification in Early Childhood Education and an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program Certification.


Ms. Dionne Harris-David  
Casa Montessori Assistant Teacher

Ms. Dionne joined Island Montessori late last year and will continue her role as an assistant teacher in the Casa program under Mr. Staceys supervision. Her warm and caring attitude towards the children means that she is well suited to this age and stage.  Although this is her first teaching appointment, she certainly has all the qualities and attributes to become a great teacher. Alongside her role in the Casa Classroom, she is also working to complete her Bachelors in Business Management.


Ms Arhysa Noel 
Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher

Ms. Arhysa is our experienced assistant teacher in the Lower Elementary classroom. Having previously worked in our CASA environment, she plays a pivotal role in assisting children who transition from one environment to the next . Ms. Arhysa also holds a Masters degree in Public health (with a concentration in epidemiology) as well as a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She loves working with the children, having the opportunity to watch them grow and to help them excel in all aspects of their lives.

She also has a passion for reading and baking.


Ms Kennita Henry
Grade 5 & 6 and French Teacher 

Although relatively new to Island Montessori, “Ms. K” has blended beautifully into our school environment. Ms. K has a Bachelors in French and international relations as well as Associates degree in Modern Language (English & French.) With six years teaching experience using an active based learning approach, Ms. K continues to embrace the Montessori Philosophy into her teaching style, and to be a brilliant fit for our Upper Elementary classroom.


Ms Tiffany McRae
Grade 5 & 6 and Spanish Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Ms. Tiffany to our Upper Elementary team at Island Montessori. As a Guyanese with Grenadian roots, Ms. Tiffany enjoys nature and the inspirations it brings, traveling, ballet and being of service to others on a community level. Her diverse educational background includes an Advanced diploma in Spanish and International Business, and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Ms. Tiffany’s 8 years of experience working along with children of various age groups makes her the perfect candidate to bring a fun filled Spanish curriculum to the students, and to assist them in their holistic development.


Ms Dinielle White
Math & Sciences Co-ordinator

Overseeing our secondary science & math department, Ms. Dinielle has proven to be a lovely addition to our Montessori family. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology and has assisted teaching science at SGU, as well as worked in their chemistry laboratory. She strives to instill enthusiasm for all things science, while providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for all students. Outside of school, Ms. Dinielle enjoys camping, exploring and all things adventure.


Ms Shaunykah Baptiste
Math & Science Teacher

Ms. Shaunyka joined our teaching team last year, and will continue to teach Lower Secondary Math and Science this year. Having been through the Cambridge curriculum (A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths) Ms. Shaunyka continues to be a great fit for Island Montessori’s secondary school. She headed a popular chess club last year after school, and also enjoys reading and sewing in her free time. 


Ms Mindy Tomasello 
English Teacher

Ms. Mindy is an English teacher who has joined Island Montessori’s Secondary teaching team. She, her husband, and their two daughters moved to Grenada from San Diego CA, USA. Ms. Mindy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Education, as well as a Minor in Women’s Studies. She is TEFL certified to teach English as a second language and has a Montessori Assistant certificate.  In her professional life, she has worked as a tutor, a teacher, and an Academic Program Director. Ms. Mindy feels that children are a precious gift, and every moment is an opportunity to teach them how to investigate their interests to become life-long learners.


Ms Aisha Mitchell
History, Geography & Outdoor Education Teacher

With her helpful initiative and hands on attitude, Ms. Aisha continues her role as our secondary humanities and environmental science teacher. Ms. Aisha has a Masters of Science in Environmental Education as well as a Bachelors in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Social Science and Art. In addition to this, Aisha has a wealth of experience working with special needs students. Her passion for all things moving, working on the farm and non traditional approach to learning makes Aisha a fabulous fit for delivering an holistic curriculum. 


Ms Arianna Duncan
ALN Co-ordinator 

Ms Arianna rejoins the Island Montessori Team having taken some time off last year. During this time she has furthered her studies in the areas of additional learning needs. This year, she will be making use of these new skills and resources to support the children that may face academic or emotional challenges at school. We are thrilled to have her back and to be able to offer this support to the students who need it most. Ms Arianna’s patient and caring nature and detail-oriented approach to her work makes her perfectly suited to this role. Welcome back Ms Ari!


Mr Tim Williams
ALN Support, PE & Drama Teacher

Mr Tim joined the IMS team last year to provide one-on-one support to a student with additional needs. This year, his role has evolved and now includes supporting students of all ages across the school. Mr Tim has a background in Drama and theatre studies in the UK and will be bringing his passion for all things performance related in the not too distant future. He will also continue his role teaching PE to the Primary school.