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Our Programs

Secondary School

The Lower secondary years are characterised by an increasingly focused approach to subjects with specialist teachers for each subject. This ensures that not only are students developing their knowledge and skills but that they are also prepared for the rigours of the examination courses which begin with the Cambridge IGCSE from Year 10.


IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a two year programme leading to externally set, marked and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge. It is a unique UK government endorsed programme provided to thousands of schools around the world. We continue to adhere to our Montessori philosophy in the secondary school. Island Montessori ensures that the students are exposed to many different opportunities, practical skills and experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. 


Lower Elementary School

What sets Montessori apart in the Lower Elementary years (ages 6 –9) is the individually paced curriculum that challenges children academically and safeguards their well-being and sense of self. Engaging as contributing members of a respectful community, they learn to question, think critically, and take responsibility for their own learning—skills that will support them in later education and in life.  As at all Montessori levels, the Elementary program is based on the belief that children learn best through movement and work with their hands, and provides cognitive, social, and emotional support to help them reach their full potential. This includes addressing their needs as they enter a new period of development characterised by:


  • A transition from concrete to abstract thinking

  • Growing interest in socialisation

  • Thinking & memory that is enhanced by creativity and imagination

  • An interest in fairness, social justice, and compassion

Upper Elementary School

When children reach Grades 5 (approximately 10 years old), this is typically the time when most children have naturally morphed from the majority of the Montessori materials and have organically started to explore abstract foundational concepts. Therefore, at Island Montessori we believe that this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the students to the Cambridge curriculum and its more structured approach, whilst still adhering to the holistic and encompassed nature of the Montessori  philosophy. This enables children to have a smoother transition into our Lower Secondary program.


Casa Dei Bamini

The Early Childhood level (children ages 2 ½ – 6) encourages preschoolers to explore and discover, to collaborate with classmates and to take ownership of their education.

This program is enriched by knowledgeable and caring teachers, the leadership of their peers, and a nurturing environment. The multi-aged classroom community is designed to create natural opportunities for independence, citizenship, and accountability. Children embrace multi-sensory learning and passionate inquiry. Individual students follow their own curiosity at their own pace, taking the time they need to fully understand each concept and meet individualised learning goals whilst being guided by their teachers. 

Children's Center

Taylors Children Center is an independent establishment from The Island Montessori School but conveniently, for parents with babies and children, located on the same premises. 

Ages 6w - 3y


Summer Camp &
After School Activities

STEM, Creative Writing, Sports, Drama, Marine Biology, Cooking, Dance, Swimming, Excursions and much more. 

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