Why? - Why has Island Montessori decided to open a secondary school?

The Island Montessori School has been established for over 10 years, offering quality Montessori education to children age d 2 1/2 to 12 years . We want to be able to offer children a similar nurturing environment into their adolescent years. Having observe d and experienced the dynamics and setups currently available in Grenada, Island Montessori has identified a need to offer an alternative educational approach to secondary schooling.


The third plane of development is the period of adolescence and marks t he end of childhood. Youth in the early years of the third plane of development (aged 12 - 15) are much like their counterparts in the first plane (aged 3 - 6); they can be self - absorbed, they need adequate food and sleep to sustain rapid growth, and they need time to “just be.” Learning and mental development may even slow down as more time is spent on their own, with friends, and eating and sleeping.

The adolescent student is working with only a partially developed brain - the frontal lobe is still under construction. Therefore, a n adolescent’s ability to think long term and to consider consequences is lacking. We believe that young people needs quality nurturing, boundarie s and guidance in order for them to put their learned habits into practice as positive choices. The wrong environment and negative influences will encourage adolescents to make poor choices throughout their later life.


Whilst Dr. Montessori’s preferred model for secondary education was a farm school, given the educational system of our country and indeed current global educational trends , this format is neither realistic nor responsive to the demands of 21 st century society . Our new secondary school program therefore, seeks to meet the demands of higher education without compromising the core Montessori ideals and philosophy. Preparing yo ung minds for success in secondary school involves incorporating creativity and choice, collaboration and the social nature of adolescents, as well as strengthening growing independence.

What? - What will Island Montessori Secondary School be offering as its educational curriculum?

We will be delivering the Cambridge Syllabus, an internationally recognised educational curriculum. We have chosen this method of secondary education as it will allow us to adhere to the core principals of Montessori; an holistic education approach , encompassing academic curricula. Cambridge group their various stages of education as follows: 

Lower Secondary school

Ages 12 - 14 (Grades 7,8,9)

Upper Secondary school

Ages 15 - 16 (IGCSE’S)

Advanced Education

 Ages 17 - 18 (AS and A - Level)

Subject Areas; English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Global Perspectives (develops the skills of research, analysis, evolution, refection, collaboration and communication), Spanish, French, Music, Drama, Art, Economic Management Science and Agriculture, Design & Technology, P.E and Social Emotional Wellbeing and Life Skills. 

When? – When will the school open?


Our Secondary School will officially open in September 2019 for its first academic school year for Grades 7 and 8. For synchronicity, the school calendar and term dates will mirror that of our current primary school .


Our Program co - ordinator has already begun the planning and development of the program. Additional subject based teachers will be trained by the program co - ordinator to be ensure the Montessori Philosophy is instilled throughout the secondary school.   

The benefits of becoming a Cambridge International School (CIS) 

International Diversity

Welcoming students from around the world for both full - time and short - term placements. 

Maximising Academic Potential 

CIS celebrates students of all abilities and supports them to maximise their academic potential.

Language Support

We recognise that we live in a multicultural society and that it is important to be able to communicate articulately in your own mother tongue as well as provide opportunities to converse in foreign languages.

 Community Spirit

Both the Montessori and Cambridge International curricul ums have great community spirit, where students, staff and parents all come together to support one another and celebrate achievements. In addition to this, they support their lo cal community: ‘giving back’ empowers adolescents to feel worthy and have a strong sense of purpose.