Taylors Children Centre is an independent establishment from The Island Montessori School but conveniently, for parents with babies and children, located on the same premises. 

"At TCC we believe that high-quality childcare is much more than babysitting. It is about calmly guiding children as they learn about themselves and the world around them through various play experiences in a consistent caregiving home-like environment.

Children grow and learn best in a safe and secure environment that is challenging, provides opportunities to explore, create and communicate with other children and adults.  The program is designed to be inclusive of all children, including those with identified developmental needs. The Center’s programme is intended to include both planned and spontaneous activities in response to children’s individual interests needs.

Emotionally, we will support children to develop a positive self-image, build relationships with peers and caregivers and be happy in their surroundings. There will also be clearly defined limits to help children recognize and accept their emotions and express their feelings as they grow and feel secure in the world around them."