Montessori is a method of education developed in the 1890's by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. It is a child-centered approach that focuses on the individual child and his needs and stretches far beyond educating children in the academic areas, focusing in the development of the whole child. Dr Montessori's concepts in regards to teaching children based on their needs and personal interest lead to the Montessori educational method of today​​​​.


Overall, what makes this method of learning so different compared to the conventional form of education we have today, is that the teacher does not stand in front of the class and teach each child the same lesson all at once. Each child is allowed to learn at his own rhythm in a way where he feels as though he is in fact not learning or being taught. 

Montessori called this way of teaching “preparing the child for success”.  The teacher is there to guide the child through small Exercises in which the child will succeed. Through time, the Exercises rise in difficulty but because the progression is so well thought out, the child never feels as though learning is a struggle.